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He has now gone on to show himself to be the irrational, mercurial racist he was and is. Sex in arabs. The officer that searched and transported Bland to the jail was a female black. For those of us who are Black, we must stop answering, or seeking to engage them in discussions about their overt Demonic behavior for several centuriesbecause they have no capacity for introspection, and we have followed their behavior, and taken on that Self-Hate they introduced us to through their Cultural Dominance in all areas of People Activities Economics, Education, Entertainment, Health, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and WAR.

Please, a beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste. Fat white girl dancing. This is not even meaningful debate. As the articles had mentioned, them asking people off the train happened at least once a month. Not racist in the slightest.

Lets not even talk about how the convicted felon stepfather of michael brown incited riots down there and was never charged with anything.

Illegals are not a problem?

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Well being that this happened at night and the video is not all that good, how in the world can you even tell this woman is white, or Latino or light black and why in the world does it matter. Jamii forum celebrity. I kept thinking what would have happened if her skin had been a little bit darker. So like the gutless and racist coward that you are, you make your decision.

I want my granddaughter to have a life of peace and harmony, America is full of violence, vulgarity, perversion anything goes here. Fat white girl dancing. I avoid you MFers too! What does white privilege have to do with this?

They literally had come from a training session about how to aggressively handle terrorst shooter situations and they assumed he was an active shooter, even though he was legally holding a BB gun sold at the Walmart. Physically resisting arrest by struggling with officers. Just know anybody other than a white women would have been shot. We were 12 year old white dudes, in San Diego….

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