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Nipple piercings on girls

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An over willingness to show them off, possibly. Amature downblouse pics. Whatever you do, do not go braless.

Guys, Are nipple piercings on a girl trashy? Now, if I've gotten to know you and I know you're not trashy I kinda like them.

For whatever reason, someone mentions nipples being stabbed or ripped off, and everyone else starts gently fondling their booby hats, which is probably what many readers are doing right now. If I think she might be slutty it'll confirm it, and if she's not, I'll think she's a bit freaky. Nipple piercings on girls. Please don't speak for me, man. However, I personally find them nonattractive.

If you meet a guy, you like him, he likes you, and you eventually get to the point where the girls are on display, and he changes his mind because "eww your nipples are pierced, that's so trashy," well my dear, that's probably not a guy you want to be with anyway. If you have them and you like them, then rock on. I'm not trying to be judgmental or saying that you shouldn't get them if you really want them - it's your body.

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As a man that has several tattoos, and a nipple piercing, I like the look of them.

Or a stretched nipple. SavageM2 Follow Forum Posts: Picture, Sports Nose Rings. Desi baba tube. So I'm kinda into the whole suicide girl type thing. Read the Frequently Asked Questions and do a search before asking a question. Nipple piercings on girls. Asked the ladies too and maybe just one said yes. Atmanix Follow Forum Posts: HOWEVER I believe it's because my nipples are partially inverted, so there wasn't that much to pierce and my nipples had to be "pulled out" in a way.

A total of 1, men were surveyed.

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