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I love tats and piercings, as long as they are tasteful. I am impartial to it. Mother daughter naked pics. Hot girls with piercings. An I have my tongue pierced. I feel like it's none of my goddamn business where you want to put your jewelry: Fashion Model, Model, Actor.

That grey hair is gorgeous as is that piercing, darling. I don't like them! I don't think there's anything wrong with piercings, as long as you like it, after all it is your body. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? Fashion Model, Model, Supermodel. Rise of the Silver Surfer, Valentine's Day.

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Red lips make everything better. I personally hate nose rings Substitute Nah he's into 11 year old. Long cock pic. Hot girls with piercings. Substitute I want to lock a padlock into that hole and run away If a girl had the right size gauge id totally stick my dick in it. I love tats and piercings, as long as they are tasteful. I have the same problem as you do XD Im considiring getting my lip pierced, but I knooow its stupid I still care about what other people think.

Hot septum piercings 1. But yeah, it depends on the girl and all that stuff: Girly and feminin tats hell yea. A new community initiative is being developed and will be rolled out soon.

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