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Nope, actually, he manages to keep to close-quarters combat most of the time And since camouflage is based on the enemy seeing the camouflage's colours instead of you, the effect can be improved by using clashing colours so the enemy can see how well-camouflaged you are from farther away! Or you can run around in a loincloth.

You know there's a Crystal Chameleon Stylist around somewhere, but not where they are Naruto, due to having his chakra coils destroyed by the Kyuubihas adopted a rather Batman-esque fighting style involving explosives, actual stealth, poisons, and basically every other kind of dirty trick you'd expect from a more traditional ninja.

We've seen a handful of attractive females in Naruto. McNinja would have a hard time sneaking around, dressed like a doctor with a traditional ninja outfit underneath that. Amy fisher actress. The various Musha-themed SD Gundam series usually have at least one. Sexy female naruto. Iruka-sensei seems to care too. I once implied that I had ninja training when teaming up with the Immortal Iron Fist.

As Sakura came closer, Naruto glanced back and shook his head in disappointment. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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